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    Unhappy First Repair on 2007 RXT

    My Ski picked up small rocks. Dealer said shield damaged and bearings shot with small rock in it. How does a rock get into there? The repair est. is $850. Is this price fair? Has anyone had the same problem?

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    I've done the same thing with rocks. Had to replace the prop and wear ring. Prop, $250-$350 ($150-$200 on the forum), Wear ring $50. Did the work my self with info on this forum.
    $850 sounds excessive to me. Did not have to do anything to the pump bearings, etc. I do not know what you are calling the "sheld" is ??

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    maybe you could take some pics and post them for the pros, you know those dealers will tell you whatever it takes to seperate you from your cash and they dont work cheap either

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    yeah... pictures would help ...take as many you can and post it, prod from this forum will help you out BIG time.
    the work is not to hard, do some reserch here and even you can the work will help, post them here

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    I'd tell them to give your ski back, just the way you turned it in.

    If you ask them to present you with the fouled bearings, they're just going to go dig up some damaged ones.

    Have them give the ski back to you.

    You can get a new wear ring for $50 or so and a new prop is on the order of $300 shipped. You can borrow the prop removal tool or buy it outright ($30) and you will probably have to buy a #12 hex head socket.

    The change out is very easy if you're even remotely mechanically inclined.

    I'd even say that if the bearings are shot, you might want to consider buying them from an OE dealer and swapping them yourself. $850 is way too much and if you're going to do that, you might as well buy upgraded parts.

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    Just for reference, I recently bought a complete brand new aluminum pump with a Solas impeller for $950.
    That was housing, shaft, bearings, seals, and the labor to assemble all the parts.
    I installed the pump.

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