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    Problem with lights on my shorlandr trailer??

    I have two Ultras on a shorelandr trailer. the break lights and turn lights are not working when I turn on the headlights all of he lights come on even the tail lights but still no break lights or turn. Any ideas??

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    Could it be that your pigtail from the tow vehicle is wired wrong?

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    no its been working fine for a couple of months I also tried it with my other truck still no brake or turn lights.

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    That's funny, I'm having problems with my double shoreliner trailer lights also. No brake or left turn on the left side. Second time in a month.

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    clean the contacts with electric cleaner and then apply dialectric grease.. works for me.

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    check to make sure none of the wires are pinched... i had that problem on my load rite.... ended up being a 10 minute fix after 4 hours of trouble shooting

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    also check there are a pair of quick connects at the back of the tongue on the inside.
    Mine after 2 days i lost power to my left brake light myself..

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