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    '97 SL 1050 Problem.

    My Battery Will Not Hold A Charge And My Mfd Is Not Working. The Other Night I Had The Charger On The Battery And The Mfd Had An 8 On The Display And When I Went To Start It The Mfd Went Blank. I Let The Battery Charge All Day While I Was At Work And When I Got Home It Started Right Up But The Mfd Still Did Not Work. I Took The Charger Off Of The Battery And Battery Went Dead Within 24 Hours. I Know It Is Not The Battery Because It Is Brand New Which Is The 2nd New Battery In Since Last Summer.

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    Your MFD may be killing the battery, disconnect the unit and see if the battery will hold a charge.
    If it were my battery I'd charge it, let it sit out of the boat a day then take it down to get it load tested to make sure it's still good.
    While the battery is in the craft right now, check and see if the power to the bilge is on, if so it could be a bad regulator.

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