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    How Do I Secure Battery In SL650

    I have a 1995 SL650 and I was wondering how I secure the battery in the ski so it doesn't move around while I'm cruising. I'm receiving the battery tomorrow and all I see in the ski is a loose black box that obviously is the size of the bottom of the battery...the previous owner said there are 2 red elastic bands with black balls that should secure it in. I found the bands and I see there are 2 metal prong like things that are secured in what do I do now? Are there screws or something Ineed to use or what? I am so clueless.

    Also, what does the know on the side do? I see it says OFF, ON, and RES. What does the RES do and do I start at ON or RES? Is RES resume? I need some serious help. Thanks everybody.

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    The battery is held in buy bungee cords. Also the electrical box sits on top of the battery make sure you have the plastic cover on top of the battery. The Knob on the side is fuel select On for Main Off for Off and Res for reserve.

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    Do I not have to secure that black box underneath the battery or is that just supposed to move freely in there?

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    Also are parts 10 and 11 the rubber bands with the black balls on them that i talked about?

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    Sounds like somebody switched your rubber straps for bungees. Should be ok, as long as they don't let the battery and e-box move around.

    They go over the battery and the electrical box together.

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