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    Tip: How to remove water from your gas

    I had water in my gas at the bug BUT it was my own dam fault I dont have a cap on the hose on my fuel jug and tipped it up at the gas station and a little ran out before I opened the petcock on the jug. Just then I remeberd the rain storms we drove through .
    So off to the auto parts store bought a fuel pump pumped it out bought 2 jugs also to put it in. Got home and let it settle to the bottom water and gas will not mix unless you have methanol in the mix or achol. The water is heaver and will be on the bottom. So tipping the jug carefuly 90 or more % of the gas can be saved and the water taken out. Or a little methanol could be added like about the same about of the water like 2 or 3 oz per 5 gallons the meth mixes with the water and with the gas and goes right on through.Its pretty easy to get water in your gas anyway hope this tip may help some.

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