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    Thanks to Mark (RR) on reflash

    I'd like to thank Mark rotax racing) for facilitating the reflash on the ecu's that were sent. Also kudos to Jerry for getting the word out thru this site. The thing flat WORKS! Those that didn't send their's in really missed the boat. Thank-you. Terry

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    Can you tell how many RPMS you gained?

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    Thats's hard to answer because I had the Skat mod done, but I tach'd 8450 on the limiter in Havasu before, 8350 at Mead before, and since, constantly and easily 8450 to 8500 at Mead with the 81 mm reduction nozzle. I'm removing the 14/19, installing the 15/20 and an 82 nozzle and fully expect 8450 with that. That ECU is hot!!!!!! Terry

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