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    Funny story

    True funny story:
    Ok, we work in construction, and we try really not to crap in the " porto johns"
    On Monday after break, my foreman says his stomach feels queezy and off to the shitter he goes, well this happened for 4 trips to the porto crapper and every time I`m laughin my ass off, you can hear him grunting and farting!
    On Tuesday, same thing, after breack, right in the shitter, 4 more times, and now he`s bitchin that we are eating something bad from the deli, yada yada yada, meanwhile we are working and I turn around and he`s gone, I turn around and I can see the shitter door handle turning to lock (red X) and I know it`s him in there.
    To shorten the story: this goes on all week, all 5 days he is in the crapper at least 4 times a day, and now he is worried he might have to go to the doctors, feels he is losing wieght and says he has monkey ass from the 220 grit shit paper to clean sphincter...wahahahah...

    well, every morning he comes to work with a commuter cup, 20 ounces full of tea, he drinks tea, not coffee.

    Over the weekend, my foreman is going hunting sat morning, and he is worried he`ll be shitting his brains out in the woods. He gets up tp make some tea, his wife is in the kitchen, and she says " what are you doing with that tea bag?" He says what do you mean? she replies, you jackass, that is dietetic tea, it will make you crap like a goose"!
    and now he realizes he has been drinking that very same tea all week!
    The warning label on the box of tea states you should only drink 6 ounces every 24 hours poor poor bunghole hahahahaha...
    we are not letting him live that down!...PR...

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    That is funny!! Porr fella!!!

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    GREEN TEA. I believe.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Water4fire
    GREEN TEA. I believe.

    Austin, unfortunately it wasn`t green tea, he does drink that daily for the anto-oxidants, that and beer mixes well ...PR...

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