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    OEM air box removal

    I just obtained a RIVA Race filter box and would like to know what has to be removed to switch it with the stock box. I removed the stinger portion of the exhaust and it seems that the section before that needs to come out in order to access the front intake/airbox parts.
    Does the main fuel hose have to be removed in order to seperate the stock box from the TB's?
    It looks like it goes through the front mounting tab.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Ps. 2003 1300 EFI GPR
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    The front U pipe does not have to be removed. The 3 clamps and the 2 bolts (1 on each end) of the airbox is what holds it on. The airbox can be removed without taking the fuel line off. If you ever need to remove the TBs though it is easy to unhook the fuel line in the front where it connects to the fuel tank. That will give you all the slack you need to do your work. The fuel rail "looks" like it connected to the airbox but its actually connected to the throttle body rack not the airbox.

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    you have a PM.


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