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    well lets hear it

    IFFFFFFF you had to start alllllllll over with a bone stock RXP and were limited to lets say 1000.00$ what would yous do ???? part by part ?? mod by mod forgeting about handling because i like speed and i think it handles plenty good enough for me .... im curious who would do what and who is sorry they did what ...

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    Central NJ
    opas block offs - 100
    air intake - 100
    riva grate - 110
    solas 14/19 - 225
    rr thru hull - 280 ................ or rr free flow - 120
    ht mats - 70
    wedge (depending on what kind of water you ride in) - 80

    that all comes to about 965. you should be at about 72mph mayb more. thats deffinatly a solid start.

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    St. Charles, MO
    Riva stage 1 $675
    158 deg. thermostat 170

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    Morgan City, LA
    Riva air intake extended out into a cutout in the front seat vent
    Solas 14/19 with my pitch on it
    Riva Grate
    Thru hull exhaust kit
    Vortech SC impeller (you may want to wait for the new RR impeller though)

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    near detroit michigan
    home made air intake under hood in front, sc impeller
    opas block offs wedge, solas wit jerrys pitch. free flow/through hull.
    fill ride plate. riva grate (on a cold day U will get 73mph) average 72.5
    all summer

    prop 250
    home mae air flow 40
    filter ?????
    rive grate 129 I think
    opas ?
    sc impeller ???? think 300
    should be under 800

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    Rydal, Georgia U S A
    RR impeller 500.00
    homemade thru hull 25.00
    Solas 14-19 220.00
    Air intake home made 3.5" 45.00
    Worx grate/ modded 125.00
    Stock ic in jacketed housing out of stock placement/ bypass 75.00

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    Send the 1000 dollars to Jerry.... See what he sends me.

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