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    So who's watching the Sopranos tonight?

    I know that no matter what, I'll be tuned on HBO-E at 6:00 PST, will have been to the bathroom, have plenty of snacks and refill....

    DAMN, 2 years!

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    ya I can't wait! Just called DTV and added HBO again!

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    Can honestly say I missed that train years ago. Although Jamie Lyn Discala, I can be persuaded to watch.... Hottness..

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    You know this is a good show, when it takes a TWO YEAR HIATUS and people are still excited about it. I've pretty much been a fan of it since day one, and am REALLY excited we get to see it again.

    I never had HBO, but I called today and ordered it. Once the Sopranos takes another break, I will cancel it and get it back when the show comes back on.

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