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    High speed off Superman

    I had a bad ride tonight. I was trying to see what my friends 01 GP1200R was running and I came off while riding superman. All I can say is WOW. I did manage to keep ahold of the handle bars and pull myself back on the ski as it slowed. The GPS was at 68 when I came off. I should have focused on my riding and not on the GPS.

    My wife was riding an XLT near where I was riding and she saw it all. After it was done I rode over to her. She told me she saw it and was laughing the whole time.

    All I can say is that it was scary and not something I want to have happen again. Be careful riding guys.

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    You are not OFF unless you skip across the water like a rock about ten times, but your safety warning is a good message!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXP Steve View Post
    You are not OFF unless you skip across the water like a rock about ten times, but your safety warning is a good message!
    ALMOST EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO last week.. I took the skip ride across the water. The GPS read 70.5.... I skipped for 150 yrds "like a stone".. Darn did that hurt. for weeks.
    still to this day when running at WOT I still get the feeling of fear when I see big waves comming at me...

    I am glad you are ok.. you got lucky.

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    Yes I did! I just posted it to remind people to be careful.

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    Been there done that and it's not fun and won't happen again. I am looking for that on the seat speed lots of it would be good but on the seat.

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    I try to "superman" only on glass smooth water. The slightest bit of bounce and I am back on the seat.

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