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Thread: ebay IC mount

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    ebay IC mount

    This is my thoughts on the IC mount.
    If you see the "IC left and right air.jpg" do you see the bent fins. Is this something I need to worry about ?
    The bolts that go into the side of th IC (ic bolt.jpg) are 1.5 thread (thanks Jeff). I used 20mm with 3 washers which makes the bolt exactly match up to the inside body. I bet a 15mm with 1 or 2 washers will work (trying tommorrow. I might be using these bolts to hold down the rachet latch but won't know until I get the hooks installed.

    If you see mount location empty. Is it possible to screw a bolt threw location 1. This is just a fiberglass wall right ? I want to put a hook at spot 1 and spot 2. If need be spot 3 using the bolt.
    With hooks at these spots I can thread a ratchet latch tie through them and secure the IC pretty well. There is also a spot to have a hook attached to the bolt that goes to the grab bars but don't think I'll need it.

    If you see my mount location picture you can see the location I'd like to put it.
    With the IC inlet I'll be able to put a 3"x2.5 reducer (3"length) and a 2.5 hump hose (3" length). On the IC outlet I'll be putting a 3" cobra bend (prob 5 inch length) 3"x2.5 90 degree bend reducer (6 inch length both legs) then a 2.5 hump hose (3 inches).
    So about 5inches air travel from SC and probably 9-10inches from the IC to the TB.

    I'll have the plumbing in about 3 days and I'll post the mount and attachments.

    Any thoughts ?
    I need help with that fiberglass wall , can I drill a hole through it safely ?
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