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    Get Better Holeshot for 15 bucks

    I am going to get that XPL nozzle for my ski so I did a little experimenting with my OEM Steering nozzle.

    Went to autozone and picked up a cylinder bore and measured the internal diameter of the steering nozzle, this came to be about 84 mm.

    Used the cylinder bore and on a medium speed bored out the steering nozzle to 85 mm.

    I think people who want better holeshot can even go a little bit bigger. Of course this doesn't take into account prop angle and pitch.

    If you want to do a little fine tuning, you can probably pick a spare nozzle or two and try different diameters. Of course you can only go one way bigger and not smaller.

    I know as a general rule bigger diameter = better holeshot.

    smaller diameter = better top speed.

    I wonder how much speed will be sacrificed on the top end for better holeshot. Any thoughts... lemme know
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    cylinder hone.....and the tension is adjustable man the glasswork got u so bored u playin' with all kinds of stuff

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    The more I do the glass the more I hate it. It's a lot of labor, and it's really boring. At least I'm learning something new and got a nice big air compressor out of it and new tools. My nickname is Dewalt you know. LOL

    Anyways yes, cylinder bore, adjustable tension. But after this was done it's all chewed up. You know they really ought to make a cylinder bore with replacement pads...

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    I figured someone had done it, couldn't find it on the search. Well anyways that's another way.

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    Thumbs up

    Pretty good read from the yami guys.

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    The Yami guys are boring the venturi or thrust nozzle ... not the steering nozzle. Boring the steering nozzle generally has no effect on speed.

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    What size are any rxp guys running.

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    Boreing the steering nozzle and or using a smaller venturi ring than the nozzle size will affect your turning and handling, you will turn the bars a little and the ski still wont turn because the water still hasnt hit the nozzle yet because of its smaller jet size...i find mine handles the best with stock nozzle and 83mm ring....i run the 82mm just for some more speed...

    what i want to do is somehow get this venturi rings to fit the steering nozzle then we would have something

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    Thanks for setting me straight meeper. they don't have an adjustable steering nozzle yet.

    I know for the rxdi. you can get venturin nozzle rings as well as steering nozzle rings too.

    I'm surprised that there is not one yet.

    I'm wondering if the oem steering nozzle can be threaded to accept rings or not

    shoot, I think i would be scared to bore out the venturi seeing as this is irreversible. I better stick to the one that you can buy and adjust then.

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