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Thread: 94 gtx ?

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    94 gtx ?

    I just picked up a 94 gtx 657 and she runs great. Just 2 problems: 1. she bogs down on regular tank ,on reserve she flys. I replaced the fuel lines and filter set up also cleaned the tank. Do I have to replace the pick up or is there a fix for this one piece unit? 2. when she is coming down from higher throttle she rattles a bit and it seems to be coming from the pump area - Is this a bad bearing? and any recommendations on this is greatly appreciated.

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    Any Help??? Please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewb54 View Post
    Any Help??? Please.
    The rattle I believe is normal at low rpms, my 94 did it too.Did you clean your gas selector valve?

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    Doing it today thanks for the heads-up

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