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    Is a 96 sl-900 worth 550 ?? Top-speed???

    I have found a close to mint 96 (I think it is a 96) Anyway it has a fragged pto cylinder. The guy wants 550 no trailer. gauges trim all in excellent shape. Just wondering what top speed would be, and if the price is fair? He claims it will run 65 mph I find that fairly hard to believe.. Any ideas??

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    I would buy it, you could part it out for more than that. But obviously offer him 400 or 450 and stress the cost of fixing the cylinder, see if he will drop. Cheaper is always better.

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    I would give that for it. If the crank is good, it would be a cheap rebuild and you would have a nice ski.

    There is one of those that sank down the river from my camp site that I tried to buy. It was under water for two days before the owner finally pulled it up onto a dock. It sat there for another month with water in the lower end. When I talked to the guy about it he said, "I don't wont to sell it, I think I can get running again (without rebuilding)."

    I said, "Good luck!"

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    move on the price a little. As for top speed it's around 58.

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    thanks guys, anymore help would be greatly appreciated.

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