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    The dreaded starter *click*

    Well yesterday I intermittently got a click from the e-box when starting. Charged it overnight and battery is sitting at about 12.6V. Today, now it only clicks. Grounds seem fine, and even ran a temporary supplemental ground off one of the head nuts with no results. I attached my Fluke clamp-on ampmeter to the power wire that runs to the starter, and while holding down the starter after the click it registers only 1.4 amps flowing. Shouldn't that be higher? Dang this is a new battery, walmart cheapo, but still new though with correct levels of acid. Such low amps flowing to the starter make me think bad connection. I'll double check-em and put electrical compound on them too. In the meantime, any suggestions?

    '94 sl650, sl750 motor with 750 cdi

    edit: yep I've check that the motor turns freely.
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    what happens when you put a jump on it. thus eliminating a bad battery situation????

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    Well apparently problem solved. Seems to have been that rear grounding point on the cradle, classic. Previously I disconnected it, looked at the connections and saw shiny metal, said "hmm that looks alright", and put it back on. Just now I pulled it back off, actually filed and wire-brushed it, appied gobs of electrical compound (Ox-gard), and starter spun it up. Don't be fooled though that I figured this out all on my own, much searching through threads took place for ideas and approaches to take. So I still say thanks.

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    Do you have you ground screwed to the sled? I was told to put it under the rear most intake manifold bolt. much stronger connection point to teh block.

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    Connection is on that tab at the rear of the engine mounting cradle. I am going to permanently use that supplemental ground wire I made up,and perhaps connect it at a point like you mentioned. Multiple good grounding connections works wonders on some motorcycles, certainly can't hurt on this ski.

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