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Thread: Stage II?

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    Stage II?


    I'm currently in the process of searching to buy a GP1200r and a guy sent me this picture or his engine cavity. I haven't seen it in person yet but he claims that it is a 2000 with Stage II. I was wondering if anyone could take a look at the pic and tell me whether that looks true or not. As always thanks for the help.
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    Well it looks to have an aftermarket head. That is part of most "stage 2" kits.

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    It also has gas valves that are not necessary but VERY helpful. Ask your guy if it has an aftermarket CDI and if yes, ask him what brand. You are looking for an "Advent or R&D" type answer.

    Also ask him if it has a "D" plate and what changes he saw when he added the plate.

    Ask his carburetor jetting and if he has aftermarket flame arrestors. Get back to us with the answers.

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    ADA head - very good

    also hydro turf mats - nice to have

    Gas valves - nice

    in all likely hood this is a very well equipped ski

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