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    rotax race ecu and stock class ecu

    whats the difference in the two. what do you nedd to use them aside of valve train upgrade.

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    From my understanding of them(I have two stock class ecus for racing) the full racing one has a bit more agressive curve than the stock. I'm pretty sure it'd be recommended to use some sort of aftermarket intercooler with the full race one. With the stock class ecu you wouldnt have to add anything beside upgrading valve train so you don't float a valve.

    My stock class rxp was running 70-71mph and my limited class which is the same setup expect it has a les cooke a-kit fan and a more agressive intake grate is running 72-73mph in the heat. With a rive grate it was running 73-74 and in the spring it was running closer to 75mph

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