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    Talking Here's what I got so far,......ideas for long term

    Since I keep bugging the crap out of Jerry like the little kid asking his parents, "are we there yet, are we there yet".
    Here's where I'm at w/mods: I'll post the pics once totally complete,....
    Riva 3 inch Air intake, had the washers, bearings, and RR stage 3 put in by,..yes,...Jerry, 42# injectors, Riva through hull exhaust, (did waterbox mod), getting 15/20 prop soon, (in transit), just bought the UMI set up, checked TB position for straightness, also checked manifold @ J-pipe for problems, both are fine so far, Piranha IC system, strainer on IC inlet, New pick up grate, and I trued my hull a little by accident apparently, (I was filling the scratches and decided to sand and straighten out the entire bottom as it was a mess from beaching). The reason I post this is not to brag, (no final GPS yet) but to see if you guys have any input on keeping this system bullet proof, or if I missed anything that "should" be on there to help in keeping the ski running a long time, (of course with proper maintanece).

    I love Jerry, don't get me wrong, he is a tremendous help to all of us, it just seems to me, that one more stupid question from me to him will result in an answer like, "Oh no Steve, you need to remove your engine, have it rebuilt, buy the Rude charger, also the new ECU, fill your ride plate holes, come to think of it, just buy a new ride plate and skegs, bla, bla, bla, and then I'll have to explain to the wife why buying a case of Top Ramen for the month is a good thing, ......God I hate addictions sometimes,......
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    ditch the 3inch intake and go with a 4...either DIY or Riva rear. That stg 3 SCer is trying to breath threw a straw right now.

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