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    BigDaddyPT Anyone know him?

    Just wondering if anyone knows him. I paid him $90 for a pro electrical box MONTHS ago. (Before we ever got the hurricane running)

    Never came, I contacted him several times questioning it. Supposedly it was lost in the mail, then found, and then shipped again.

    The last time it was supposedly shipped was over a month ago.

    No word from him, and no reply by PM.

    I've mentioned the issue in PM's to other members previously and said I'd give him the benefit of a doubt and would hold out before going to the forum.

    It's basically been all summer with no box showing up, and no answer.

    I just want my damn $ back or the box.

    I will be the nice guy I am and wait and see if this turns up anything before contacting Paypal.

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    I will see if I can find some contact info. I bought some stuff in the past. Ill shoot ya a PM if I find anything,

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    He seemed cool! but your Paypal recourse may be gone if it's been months? good luck! Z

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    I bought from him in the past with no issues. I think I remember him saying something about going back to school?

    Either way, I hope you guys can work it out.

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    I too got stuff from him. Did he give you a tracking number? I'm guessing not?

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