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    Freedom Help

    Helping friend with his 2003 freedom who had no spark. He bought and we installed brand new stator,cdi,coil,505 box. And still no spark? Any ideas could it be a sensor gone bad ? Theres a flat looking module thats pluged into a a plug called a lamp driver anyone know is function? Thank for any help you can provide.

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    How many volts at the battery while cranking? You MUST have 10.6 while cranking or no spark.

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    Have you tested the lanyard switch?

    Remove the circuit board from the electrical box and check the back side for rust or corrosion. Also ensure that all connections are clean and tight.

    Test your battery voltage like beer stated, (even if the battery is brand new and fully charged).

    Let us know what you find.
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    11.8 cranking amps. I will pull board & check it. tested lanyard switch & on/off button. I sold him this ski last year I never had a problem with it he was riding it just bogged & died.

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