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    PHILA //NJ//DEL//NY..ride aug 18 !!!

    A few of us are trying to get a nice ride on the delaware to penns landing/ center city Phila .... Try to make it if you can on sat aug 18th !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAZEDRXP View Post
    A few of us are trying to get a nice ride on the delaware to penns landing/ center city Phila .... Try to make it if you can on sat aug 18th !!!
    anyone up to a ride on 8/18/07? thinking of making the trek and launching at Bordentown...PR...
    2004 GTX SC
    I "know" it`s slow...but it looks fast...

    I`m going to try and make it, hope the weather co-operates...PR...

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    Hey, Crazed: nice meeting ya out there today! Gonna try to join you for this one as well. Where do you guys launch from?

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    Me and my squad are in im sure, we ride that run all the time....what time yall going in the water ???? Im sure Wavehummer will be down also. We are tryin ta go to Wildwood the next day, that Sunday morning.


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    My ski is still down ...wont have it running until ????? unless anyone has a bypass blow valve (whatever the hell that is..LOL)for an RXT laying around so I can see if thats the problem.

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    Well I launched at Boredentown, was in the water 10:30am - 1:30pm and didn`t see all but one lonely yami jet ski. I went all the way to philly (just about) before I had to turn around bc of fuel. Low tide at the Bordentown ramp sucked big time. I had to pull into the muck to retrieve my ski and a good guy at the ramp helped push my van to get it unstuck...the water was rough and it was very windy, I`m sore as hell today...PR..

    where was everybody???

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    well where was everyone???...PR...

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    you dont ride mr.potatoe head do you really haha :O

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