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    HELP..04 xlt 1200 22 hrs..power valves problem

    they are opening and closing irraticly. causing a fast slow condition at all high rpms...then it goes away and runns like a raped ape....the servo motor seems to be working ,,it cycles when i shut off ..its adjusted correctly...maybe cdi not send correct signals? or what sensors tell cdi what to do....i removed exhaust to check cat, and it is in perfect condition,, i also cleaned the power valves ,,no much carbon,,, also checked compression and all 3 cylinders are 120 psi....
    thanks in advance

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    are the cable loose or anything ? How does the connector look ?

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    db3055...welcome to GH..

    try to clean up the connector for the motor,ive heard of the getting water logged as there right under the glove box brain and prone to water injestion...
    got to be worth a try first,the ecu controls the pv's and i thought my buds ecu had problem but seems there bullet proof..


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    just got back from another agravating ride....connections are clean and tight,,got much worse, could not even plain off,,,,then all of a sudden it runs great, all the way home....when it was runing bad , i pulled the choke a little at a time with no change , until it loaded up. but same problem..
    i disconnected the servo motor, ran good out of hole but no top end, so i moved the valves the other position and ran better at top end but terrible of the almost ready to bring it to yamaha for a major hosing.

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    Are you sure it's the power valves? Not cavitation? Mine is doing something similar, it jumps out of the hole but hangs there a while, can barely plane out then all of a sudden it grabs and goes. I checked underneath and the felt was hanging out of the pump shoe allowing water in there and creating too much air, therefore the impeller can never really get a good bite. Just a thought, you might be surprised how small of a problem it is. If servo is cycling, i doubt that is your problem. Good Luck!!!

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