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    Stage I Issues on GP1300

    Hey guys!!!

    My bro has a GP1300 that he just threw a ST 1 on it last week... he definitely got the engine portions worked out, got the fuel regulator all planted well and has the right mix.... noted a 4-5 add on MPH wise and noted 150+ on RPM's.

    He then proceeded with all the handling portions when all was set with the engine components....

    He left off the sponsons from the package because he says it "slows him down"....

    He put on the tabs, plate and top loader grate.... noted major porposing!!!!

    I personally thought it was gonna be the top loader grate, took it off and put it back on the OEM one.... most of the porposing went away but still has the slight porposing in the top of the top end....

    We are thinking about putting all sorts of mix with OEM and the riva parts to try to rid him of this... next will be the top loader grate with stock plate and the tabs still on....

    Anyone have any similar experiences with this???? Anyone have any ides???? I am also wondering if leaving the sponsons off the package is doing this??? Thanks Guys!!!!


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    Well you are going to want that riva intake grate on. It is dangerous to not have one really.

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    Funny you should mention that....

    we were just out doing runs with swapping out the intake grate/plate/tabs btwn riva and stock and found out that with the tabs and the top loader with OEM ride plate the porposing went away all throughout, probably lost 1 MPH.... no GPS with us today

    But when we threw her back on the trailer we found out some interesting news.... the grate was complately gone... all 4 screws missing and the two screws that sit all the way forward took the copper thread fittings with them!!! Sure enough there was two little holes in the boat now and some water got into the engine compartment... damn....&%$###$%%$#@#!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So let's change this topic up really quick.... where can we find the copper threads and how do you fit them back into the holes for the grate to screw on???? Epoxy??? Possibly an actual epoxy or product you guys use to put the copper fittings back in with??

    Appreciate any help you guys could offer.....

    And I am still skeptical as to wether or not he should be running a stage I without the sponsons.... anyone have any hard evidence of them actually scrubbing speed or possibly balance out the ride plate to stop all the porposing????

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    I had that prob with my ST1 last week someone told me to step the sponsons, I did and it leveled out, prob does slow it down a lil but its able to hook up in the water now so def, better.

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    Boats.Net/Yamaha/Waverunner/2005/GP1300D/JET UNIT 1 Is this those screws you were looking for? Someone also showed me this for another part earlier, pretty good site.

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