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    Mine runs great!

    We took our Ultras out today for a final run. They'll be painted this week so we won't be able to ride probably forr a couple of weeks but I gotta say....we did quite a bit of riding from marina all the way back to Canyon Lake Dam, ate lunch and did the beach thing for a little while until the water started rising and then left and rode back through the canyon and did some dogging around..a good days ride and I never had the fuel bar drop from off the full mark...still had all the bars when i got back to the marina (about 13-15 miles one way)..I thought that was pretty's the first time out since getting all the oil out and man did they run great! Lots of heads turning for sure and funny one seems interested in pursuing!!!! lol Lots of people talking as we went by!
    And that engine just purrs compared to my 05 RXT...I don't even hear the supercharger when it kicks in hardly.. F

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    Red face

    Ditto here.. I'm at 19 and the only thiing I've had go wrong is a loose hood bolt. I still think I'm gonna die when I hit it hard! To keep it this way I'm changing oil @ 10's and filters @ 20's, and plugs at 30's..

    Hehe the 10/20/30 break the bank Ultra 250 plan..


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