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    2004 GTX Seadoo - Engine won't crank

    Any help would is welcome. I am new to PWC's and bought a pair of used ones just a couple of weeks ago. Had the pre-purchase inspection ect... done and all came out good.

    The problem I am having is on one of them will start fine right before I put it in the water. Most times it starts fine the first couple of times. I run it for a while and stop and try to start again it it won't. Sometimes it just doesn't crank at all, some times it will crank for maybe 3 seconds and then starts beeping again like I just put the key back in. I've only taken it out twice and happens both times. It will eventually start, but dosn't give me a very secure feeling of not getting stranded somewhere. I thought that at one point the doo just stopped running while we were riding, but to be honest, can't tell for sure becuase I may have hit the stop when thinking it was the mode buttone. New batteries were put in at the shop during their pre-purchase inspection. Verified that the batter has a good charge and both neg and pos were tight (no loose cable)

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    Welcome to the forum!
    if this happens again, hit the set button five consecutive times and see if a code shows up in the display, before you remove lanyard...
    you already have new battery,
    you already checked pos and neg cables
    it could be lanyard
    it could be lanyard post
    it could be MPEM
    it could be loose connections in wiring harness
    check wires at starter solenoid. (found on bracket alongside MPEM)
    check ground cable attachment point for looseness and corrosion.
    check all the fuses in the fuse box
    check all the connectors in the wiring harness
    check to see if fuel pump wiring connector is secure (found on top of tank where filler hose attaches)
    let us know what you find or don`t find!...PR...

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    I'll take it on the water tomorrow and see if I get an error code. I'll also bring the learning lanyard to see if that makes a difference when it happens.

    Before I go I'll remove all fuses and make sure they are good and have good contack. Don't see any visable corrision in engine compartent...

    I've verified that all connections seem to be snug but will re-check. Not sure where ground cable attachement would be to check.

    I'll also verify fuel pump wiring connection is surue before we head out as well.

    It's just wierd that it only happens in the water. as soon as I take it out of water, it starts just fine. I tried to duplicate issue at home just turning off and on with no luck. Must have turned it over 50 times or so without issue, but pretty sure I can duplicate pretty quick tommorrow.


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    ground cable is attached to engine block front side, alongside the TOPS/oil pump housing, follow the black cable. sometimes the crimp on cable ends have corrosion inside...

    there is more resistance when stating in the water, as soon as the prop starts to spin you are pushing water...PR...

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    Won't be able to get into water until this weekend, but should know by Saturday.

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    Hit the set button 5 times when it wouldn't crank, after the 3 time I pushed the button it did 3 really quick beeps and 1 long one but no error message.

    It seems to happen more frequently now and I was ablet to reproduce it out of water once.

    I also tried the learning lanyard to see if that would work, but same outcome which was it wouldn't crank at all or when it did it would only crack for 2 seconds, stop and beep at me like I just put the key in.

    I don't see any loose connections, or at least nothing obvious.

    Ground wire looks good as well as fuel pump connections. Not sure where to go from here. It almost sounds like a battery issue, but it was just service 3 weeks ago and the shop put a new battery in. When I put meter on the battery, it reads at least 12V and when I crack engine it goes to 13 or 14v.

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    One more thing is when I had it out of water and seats off and kept hitting starter until it failed (meaning when it would crank for 2 seconds and stop) if I continue to hold start button down i can here a spinning or whinning sound, it stops when I let go of button.

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