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    Damaged hull MSX 150

    Hello everyone,

    Backing into the water yesterday to recover the ski and Whoops, hit the ski. Damn, stuff happens. Only about the size of a quarter, just took a small chunk out, not through the hull. Black hull now has a white spot on it.

    I believe that the hull is fibergalss, I plan to get a fiberglass repair kit. What is the story with gel coat? Is it applied after the repair, is it applied over the paint or does it come in colors?

    Sorry about the stupid questions, body work is not my Forte.

    I will post pics later today after I get out of work.



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    Oh, by the way I have a black hull.

    My main concern is cosmetic, I really don't think that the gouge is that bad. It just looks like crap (black hull with a white spot) I will post pics as soon as I get home.

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    go to and get one of there gelcoat repair kits they come with a few different colors and black is one of them .

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    That may be a SMC hull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by da4ad View Post
    That may be a SMC hull.
    Looks like you've been reading a lot of old threads. You'll notice Joey2 asked this question 2 years ago and hasn't logged in since December of '08

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