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Thread: 99 genesis?

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    99 genesis HELP!!!

    Starts, runs good for about 1 minute then leans out and dies... Changed all fuel lines, checked carbs they were clean,checked filters plus fuel pick up, please help... bout to kill myself..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dicedrop25 View Post
    ... bout to kill myself..
    Yea, I've been there before.

    I would check the fuel pump, and pulse line to make sure it's pumping fuel.

    What do the plugs look like? Can you post pics?

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    My mech/friend has like went over this thing top to bottom and he just can't find anything.. I can post pics i will take some tomorrow, Wish I could do a video... It starts perfect sounds strong everytime then after 30 seconds to a minute Blah Blah and dies. I will look into the fuel pump as well tomorrow but I m sure he checked it also. Today we rechecked the lil filters in the carbs which we didnt even know were there but they as everything else was perfectly clean, the plugs are AH as I would say they were new but they look ok nuttin bad there he says, The first plug however last week kept falling off causing it to run on only two cylinders lil slow down but then Id put it back on and it was fine... Because of that he may think the CDI box has gone bad but the fact it starts fine and sounds really good till it dies boggles us. We've gone over it for 2 weeks and he's ready to cut himself lol.

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    Oh yea I forgot he also Bypassed i think everything one at a time that he possibly could have, fuel lines right from the tank, new hoses on all, etc...

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    Does it start right up after it dies or do you have to let it sit a while?

    Are you testing it in the water or on a hose?

    Have you varified that it has spark when it stalls?

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    It has no problem starting right after it dies, only seems to bog and die after giving it gas, we dont actually know if it has spark as it dies but he did check to see if there was spark to begin with and it seemed fine. We dont have it in the water either, Last time I took it out ran like a champ then after an hour it died and as always starts right up but wouldnt go over 5 mph just bogs and sounds terrible.

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    Use a seperate fuel supply directly to the fuel inlet at the carbs and see if it accelerates at that point.

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