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    Talking 96' slt 700 how much impeller

    hi new to this forum..this is my first polaris.i have had seadoos and yamahas..but i got a sweet deal on this,it was free..its a 1996 slt700 pretty clean.the prev owner who had it since it was new roasted the pump bearings,so there it sat for 2 yrs.So for approx 300 bucks its back on line and boy it does run sweet.i put a solas 12 x 18 impeller on it because the old one was beat had a clearance of approx .010 in the housing..which is in question is how much more impeller can i go with.when riding wide open you can back off the throatal a little bit then hit it and it still pulls a little bit, so i dont think im cavitating just seems to be turning alot of rpm's wide open like i can get away with a little more doesnt have a tach so i cant tell exactly how high its turning.Now the skis i just got rid of a month ago i really cant compare to this because they were yam xlt 1200,s and there a little power differnce any body out there running anything differnt on there slt 700,s let me know now sure what the stock impeller was..thanx for any info this is an excellant site

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    Hey Lefty,Welcome to Green Hulk. There seems to be alot of different opinions when it comes to impellers. Factory imp was a 4 blade progressive in '96(no pitch specified) All other years 700 cc used a Skat Trak 12/17 swirl. I installed a Skat 13/18 on my 96 SL700 it seems fine.You can check at "" for other suggestions,you might have to experiment to find what's best for you.

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