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    Rought Idle on RXT

    I am experiencing a rough idle only after the machine has been riden for about 30 min then shut off and started back up say 30 seconds later. The engine seems like it starts normally but then the RPMs drop to around 750 for a second then kicks back up to about 1600 RPM. If i tap the gas it takes off fine, but will do the same thing when off the throttle. However, once the engine is running for a couple minutes, it seems to be normal. There is no loss of power and the engine will still run 8120 RPMs.

    I replaced the plugs about 6 hrs ago when the same thing happend, and it was fine until today. Maybe it is the plugs, but why would a 4 stroke be doing this?

    Any thoughts are welcome!

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    Check your coil packs. Maybe a seal is broken and when you rinse the engine (if you do) water will go in and foul a plug. Check that first. Then maybe take the TB hose off and see how it looks. Mine had nasty salt build-up once and did something like this.

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