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    Question Trailer Adjustment

    Greetings All,

    My skis never have set right (level) on my Triton trailer. I know it's just a simple matter of adjusting but what's the best way and ideal placement of the bunks?

    Sorry I meant to post this in the Sea Doo General Discussion Area.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance,
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    Well let's get technical with this one....

    It all really depends on what you mean by not being level. If you mean level by as either leans too much to the right or to the left... then thats and easy fix... if you mean in the vertical direction....even simpler fix with no explanation.

    If it is the more common tilt too much one way unlevel... this isn't too difficult... and for the justice of this discussion I am gonna think in the matters of your RXP on a single placement trailer simply because I have not clue what the hull to the GTI is like....

    With my 05 RXT and my older shorlandr trailer I initially make sure the bunks are both complately straight. An easy way to do this is ensure the bunks are both identically spaced btwn the outer edge of the bunks and the inner edge of the running metal which is parallel to your bunks. To do this I use a standard 12" ruler... Next I use a guess and check method and try out different lengths btwn the bunks and the running metal... I found for my RXT to be nice and level at a 8 1/10".... just what I found.... but this should be somewhat near what you need give or take a little depending on the trailer, but the width of the two skis is identical at 48"(and I am assuming you have the 06 RXP due to your avatar). Give it a try and see what you come up with...

    Also keep in mind that some trailers have the bend to the tounge a little closer to the rear end that you may have to keep this in mind when measuring....

    Good Luck and let us know how it turns out!!!

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