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    Won't turn over?

    I posted this on the Kawi forum, but most of you that reply are Polaris owners...

    We went to fire up our Ultra today. The gauges all turned on (oil, gas, and trim). The trim motor worked, but the ski would not turn over? It wouldn't even try to turn over - nothing.

    We changed the battery, still nothing?

    Please help us diagnose the problem. Possible loose connection with the starter? Where is the starter located and could it be something wrong on the hand grip area? Is there a fuse?

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    I replied in the Kawi section.

    By the way, which one is faster (top end) your pro or your ultra?

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    put new spark plugs in it... was it a 100% new battery that was 100% charged? i have a yamaha but its all the same.. i think if you put a new battery in, put some new NGK plugs in it and even try spraying some like WD40 or whatever you like in where your spark plugs go so that they get a little better spark! good luck

    PM with any questions, ill try my best to help out..

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    does it not have a lanyard? the wrist band that shuts off/kills the motor when one falls off............if thats ok make sure battery terminals are squeaky clean and tightly connected to the battery. if thats ok follow the black battery cable and make sure that the bolt/nut that grounds the cable is also squeaky clean and tightly connected to the grounding point. if thats ok follow the red cable from the battery to where ever it leads to, probably the starter selenoid and make sure the red cable at the starter selenoid is squeaky clean and tightly connected. also when starting the motor you should here a click come out of the selenoid. the click means its working. if everything ok there keep on following that red cable. it'l probably lead to the starter motor. make sure everthing is nice and tight there and squeaky clean too....................

    this will give you a starting point to start to diagnose your satrting problem.................

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    By the way, which one is faster (top end) your pro or your ultra?

    The Pro definitely has the hole shot, but when the Ultra gets on plane it just rips. The Pro is stock, the Ultra has a rideplate/sponsons/intake grate/extended nozzle so it is better suited for the Lake Mich minor chop and hooks up better.
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    also when starting the motor you should here a click come out of the selenoid. the click means its working

    There is no clicking noise at all? I will re-check all the connections as posted, thanks. I'm worried that no noise at all means I'm not getting any juice to the solenoid.

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