View Poll Results: What year, and did the washers fail, or are you still on Ceramic

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  • 2004 failed

    4 3.15%
  • 2005 failed

    13 10.24%
  • 2006 failed

    7 5.51%
  • 2007 failed

    12 9.45%
  • Didn't fail but replaced anyway

    60 47.24%
  • Didn't fail, and still running Ceramic (post the hours on them please)

    31 24.41%
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    2010 RXT-X zone 5's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    Lake Luzerne, NY

    How many skis blew their washers?

    Before and after I bought my RXT, I've been reading about all the people that have eaten the ceramic washers. I also talked to 2 different dealers, one that I've bought my Ski Doo's from for 15 years where I use to live, and my current dealer. The old dealer told me that they have had a "few" eat the washers, and the main issue that they found was when people had the skis in rough water with the pump/SC loading and unloading. The dealer where I bought the ski told me that in the last 2 years that 85% of the skis they sold were S/C's, and that they have replaced no washers, and only had one S/C failure that wasn't from the the washers. They tell me that with the water we ride in, which is pretty calm, that it should never be an issue. I have no problem spending the $100 for the washers, but I'd really like to see how many different people here have had a faiure. Not just that you put steel in, but that have actually failed, and how many didn't

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    Mar 2006
    06 RXP WITH 76 HOURS. Ill be replacing them soon though. Just for the heck of it

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    Aug 2005
    there was a poll wayyyyy back on this but instead of voting for the year ski you have that failed, the options were never failed, once, twice, 3 or more..mine failed twice before i found out what ceramic washers were. this was back in '05..

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    Mine failed at 48.5hrs on my 05 RXT.

    06 RXP I changed them to steel at 9hrs.

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    not fast enuf rwells173's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    Scullville, N.J
    just sent mine to jerry for washers, bearings and the green wizzle. 33 hrs. i ve been holding my breath everytime i rode it.

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    Ski had 40 hours and went to metal washers when I went with the Stage 3 Charger.

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    Mine were blown from the factory '04 RXP, got a complete new engine off the assembly line changed them for metals this spring with 117 hrs on them and no problems just wanted a little peace of mind.

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    Sea Doo Young'n
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    Diamond Bar, CA
    42 hrs on ceramic. About 12 hrs with stage 2 and ceramics. That was before I read about the metal washers. I'm changing them as soon as I get home from Iraq.

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    My 07 RXP just hit 20 hrs and I think about it everytime I ride, I will be changing it out in 2 weeks ( after Labor Day) and will send it to Jerry to do what ever it needs.

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    These poll numbers are SCARY! I know BRP is famous for not changing some things on their Snowmobiles (been there done that) that they should, but what is up with these washers?? It can't cost them any more to use steel. Of course they probably think that we will all want steel replacements when and if they change them.

    Its going to be interesting to see these numbers in a week or so.

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