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    Red face Pro 785 Crack Pipe

    Heya Chaps

    just re-epoxied my hull mounts,,,exact OEM position
    got me fancy McMaster-Carr rubber cylindrical mounts sent half way round the world {thanks Randy}
    arm wrestled my trippples back - in
    went for the first 3 hour ride,,hot lap practice,,alls good
    second ride,,,,lasted about 10 minutes on Saturday
    lost some revs
    came in
    water spray everywhere
    water dripping from Pipes
    Damm crack pipe .......oh the humanity,,,momentry devastation..not racin the Pro tomorrow
    lucky the wifes got a GP

    mag-end pipe on end of waterjacket,,,cracked along the line of the full pen ally weld

    previously with loose rubbers,,the center pipe and mag-end were rubbin/ wearing,,you can see in photo
    used telescopic check all clearences,,,no clashes upon the first re-install

    thinkin on re-install,,may have re-orientated with too much force or somethin
    used washers to get right height
    thinkin also,,that bottom pipe,,,held most of the weight,,,when me pipes were a flappin and a slappin with previous owner
    may have work's the only pipe weld in there with-out the OEM paint coating

    any advice or thoughts on root causes
    avoidance of a re-occurance,,,would be good
    wot weld procedure,,,am I tellin the apprentice????

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    I think factory pipe will fix them for you, but that again, involves lots of shipping for you!

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    droppin the pipe off at a local Aluminium Boat builder tomorrow morning
    grind back and filler weld {not too much grindin }
    might get him to do that whole pipe circumference weld

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