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    Velcro Strap or what ?

    In the glovebox of a GTX Ltd I purchased, I found a Black velcro strap which said "SeaDoo" on it.

    I have not a CLUE what is is/was or if it was part of some accessory.

    Has anyone else received a Black SeaDoo velcro strap or tie of some sort?

    I want to make sure it's nto something I'm gunna need sooner or later becasue I put it in my bathing suit pocket and went in the water.

    Needless to say... it floated out and is gone.

    MAN !.... I know better than that.....

    Thanks Tim

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    didnt get one with my 07 rxt so i dont know but maybe its to tie up a docking rope? i wouldnt loose sleep over tho as you can buy velcro straps at west marine , home depot, lowes, etc....

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    Quote Originally Posted by pratzert View Post
    In the glovebox of a GTX Ltd I purchased, I found a Black velcro strap which said "SeaDoo" on it.
    Thanks Tim
    Yeah, probably one of the GTX xtras to tie up your holding line or something. I did not get one with my RXT.

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    Sounds about right... it's either that or another wrist strap, But I don't remember it having a "D" ring liek a wrist strap would.

    Funny thing... I called a couple of SeaDoo dealers near me, and they were worthless as far as help.

    They kept telling me it was part of the lanyard and I had to buy another one for $40.

    Ya... RIGHT !

    Thanks, Tim

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