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    96 SLX780 Elec. Board last post "I'm going nutz" I had said that I replaced all of my fuel lines. Still didn't run any better, actually ran worse. I opened up the carbs they look great, very clean! I checked the reeds...nothing wrong with them. I did also open the elec box and it has some water. Tried to clean up a bit of rust immediatly so maybe we could still ride until new parts came in. Still doesn't work right. I also cut back the plug wires. My thought is that I do need to get a new board. I have a friend looking over the ski right now. Any ideas where to start looking? Or does anyone have one for sale? Help!

    Also, since changing my fuel lines the fuel gauge doen't work. OMG! Now what?

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    It's probably running worse because it's hitting the rev limiter at 4200 RPM.
    Check to see if the float in the tank sending unit is floating or if it sinks in the fuel.
    If it sinks you'll need to replace the float.

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