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    Getting water in engine compartment on RXT?

    I was on the beach yesterday and it was really kicking up so there were waves like going halfway up the front of the 07 RXT...about to the BRP symbol...i took like 2 over the whole thing...does this do anything to it or get water into the engine compartment?

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    Not a whole lot to be worried about. But if it's salt water then I would lightly spray the engine and engine compartment down with fresh water. Dry it up with a rubber auto shammy. Leave the seat off so air can get into the engine compartment and then the next day when it's all dry spray anything metal on the engine with Bombardier lube.

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    nope its fresh water...just curious cause we have an older one 1998 that gets water into it like theres no tomorrow

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    Get yourself some cheap insurance. Get an automatic bilge pump.

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