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    FX HO engine in GPR?

    I know that this would not be the fastest ski around, but IMO it would be a fun ski. You get a bit more torque, fuel economy, and dare I say reliability. A stock GPR hull with a stock fxho engine would probably only hit 65mph but with better acceleration. With the RIVA ecu, exhaust, velocity stacks, etc it would get near 70, and from there, the pump and hull components can be tweaked and upgraded. I think that a ski like this could 75mph with great acceleration, and a 100+mph range on one tank to boot. Since its yamaha and yamaha, compatability should be a lot better than putting the rotax engine in a GPR.

    Enough of my rambling. Discuss

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    it would be nice but why do that when the GPRXP has been proven to work and is cheaper than a new rxp or GPR

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    Because it would be much easier and the reliability and quality of yamaha > seadoo.

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    If you think it's such a great idea, I'd say go for it. Don't be intimidated

    Just do it!

    I don't know if it would be "easier" or not. You still need to deal with driveline issues, engine mounts, AND install the torque multiplier on your driveline. I looked at this for months on end, and the bottom line, is that the current crop of Yami engines are anemic and overstressed. The Yami engine spinning at 10k will not outlive a stock 185hp rotax engine.

    If you want to compare apples to apples in reliability, then go hop that TINY Yami engine up to the plus200hp range and THEN compare it to the latest offererings by Kawi or SD.

    Done correctly you will end up with the performance of a stock gp12r, a tad heavier, and maybe the same gas mileage as the gp13r. Your sound quality will be quieter, but your reliability factor will be limited by how bouncy your gpr is. Floating the valve train will kill any 4stk. It might be an interesting project.

    On the other hand, if you are so brand-blind-loyal that you HAVE to beleive in the reliability of Yamaha, I'd suggest waiting till they come out with a new powerplant this year. If it has physically larger displacement, you will have a much, much better engine to work with, than that play-toy engine in the fx right now.

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    hey purple while your at it why dont you just throw a supercharger on the fxho motor and swap out the pistons to lower compression and get the needed ecu stuff from riva. then you will have a reliable engine setup in a good hull Hell while your at it why dont you give it a fruity name like a gpr160s

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    i have done it already

    I have done it i use a fx 140 engine in a gpr i got 63.0mph.does good on gas has very good hole shot but i have sell the engine.i try and find pics.

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