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    04 RXP Turning 7700 RPM?


    I just came back from a ride. Didn't have my GPS, but was reading 7700 and 70 MPH on the dream-o-meter. Had just installed my new (AWESOME) RE's. Ran a full tank of fuel. Was able to easily put down an 06 RXT in light chop, but don't know where my revs are.

    The only thing I can see is the leading edge of my R&D Grate is 1/8" down from the rear section (where it begins entering the shoe - forward of the small bolts).

    Can I be losing 300-400 RPM and still beat an RXT? Does the dream-o-meter read above 70 MPH?

    How do I better fit the grate?

    I thinking a possible boost leak -from the SC R&R. Re-used hose clam. Are Seadoo style the best or should I move to a std SS hose clamp?

    Running a 14/19R, RE's, Sealed plate holes, new wear ring and R&D grate and a RIVA intake.

    Temps were 85 F air.
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