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    02 Virage question

    I have an 02 Virage with 68 hours. When on the lake at initial start up straight off the trailer it starts and runs fine. After running it around for 10 minutes we let it sit in the water tied to the back of a non moving boat. When we go to start it up again it starts just fine, but it bogs down and dies upon giving it throttle. It does this a little less time with each start until it works just fine after about 1 -2 minutes of this. It had done this from the get go when I bought it new.

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    Have the carbs every been rebuilt? May want to dig into them and start from there. With 68 hours on a 5 year old machine it would be a good place to look.


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    Are you letting it warm up or are you trying to take off cold?

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    When you get it going give it full speed whist riding it and pull the choke out and hold the throttle full .Let the enginew die a fair bit push the choke in and clear it and then do it again afew times .This is what Ido to clear any crap out of my carbs .The carbs get full vaccuum against the porting in them and it generally dislodges the offending material .You must have throttle open fully for it to work



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    rider makes a good point. It is usually from a cold start, the ski usually has sat for 45 to 2 hours plus when this happens. It was so obvious I couldn't see it.

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    The reason I asked is because mine will do the same thing if I don't let her warm up a bit before taking off.

    It's really a good practice to let your ski idle a for a bit before taking off. It prevents the possibility of a cold seizure.

    Note: There is now a complete service manual in the Tech Section for your ski.

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