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    Bought the fastest SeaDoo available!

    ... that says "GTI" on it.

    My girlfriend and I just bought an '07 GTI SE 155. I know all you RXP guys are frowning right now, but it's really enough for us. We didn't want to tie up much money in a toy but still wanted something sort of "middle of the road", and something that would last. This ski seems to fit the bill nicely so far. It's tons of fun, big enough to tow me around on the wakeboard very easily, and still pretty fast for a base model. 55-57 is no problem regardless of how many people you've got on and you can just touch the 60s on really smooth water. It just keeps getting stronger; the RPM are climbing more as we get past 10 hours. I can hit the limiter (at 7600 lol, go ahead and laugh supercharger guys) now every time I open it up. I must say, for a versatile recreational ski that still moves ok, the GTI is a pretty good buy for a couple beginners, so far at least.

    A couple questions for you modders... we ride in a LOT of choppy water, and you can hear something "rev up" as you bounce over each wave... is this bad? Would an intake grate help with this? What mods (for a beginner) do you recommend for the 155HP engine? I don't want to go too crazy (If I wanted to do that we'd have gotten an RXT), but I'm an automotive tech by day and a drag racer by night, so I may get that "mod bug" you all know about...

    Thanks guys for reading. I look forward to your responses. I've been lurking here for months and I love this forum!

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    Congrats on a great buy!

    I will be doing much the same (as the plan). My girlfriend and I are looking at the GTI's because of the same reason, money. However my brother will be looking into the SC'ed models to fill my speed fix.

    As for what to do about the cavatating, I believe the intake grate may help.

    As for mods: is a great link with some useful information. Believe it or not, there are some mods out for the naturally asperated doos. They are few and far between, but they are out there. I have heard that the impeller upgrade should be done later, because it will pull those rpms down to far on the stock setup.

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    The GTI is great ski for her to really enjoy. My girlfriend does like to ride my RXT, whether is passenger or driver. The "rev up" you talk about is the pump impellar unhooking, will happen 100% of the time when the intake grate comes out of the water. The only mods that come to mind is a 4" intake and removing the exhaust baffle, both of these will need to be fabricated.

    The link cskelly provided is great for ideas.

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    Drunken Sailor!, Welcome to the board! Congrats on the new ski and enjoy it!... no SC worries for you ...PR...

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    As for mods: is a great link with some useful information.
    The guy who cuts sick in this thread, MountainGTI, hasn't been heard from in quite a while.

    Black or White. Either his mod worked and he's too busy CARVING it up. Or it went bad and he's too ashamed / too busy fixing...

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    Congrats on the new toy,........I try and feather the throttle in chop very similar to riding my quad, I have an aftermarket pick up grate and once you start getting to a certain speed, nothing will keep you in the water full time......if you can judge the swell, chop, etc. you can actually start doing "rythym hops" which is where you gas it when hooked up, release a bit when it's in the air. Rev, release, rev, release,...repeat,..... Something I suggest to everyone who rides. Cavitation is bad,.... my .02
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    Just tested out the Seadoo for a real top speed today. 3 times I hit a GPS max speed of 61 MPH. That's peak. I can hold 59-60 though if the water stays smooth. This is with me (140 lbs) only, and it was on a full tank of 91 octane, running on glassy water alongside some cliffs out of the wind. I'm only pulling 7000-7100 RPM today though, which is lower than before. Last time out we had to stop early and pull the boat out because we sucked in a foot long peice of driftwood and a smaller 4 inch peice. The prop looks fine but I may need a wear ring. Could this explain a loss of RPMs?

    Anyway, I think this is a nice top speed for a "recreational" ski! Maybe some mods in the future may get me into the 65-mph range. I need to finde a grate because we ride in almost all choppy water and the ski isn't remotely hooked up at all. It's so loose it's crazy. Would skegs help it track straighter in the chop? What grate do you guys recommend?

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    I tried the worx intake grate on my gti. It does make it hook better. You loose a few mph in top speed.
    If the wear ring is worn you will notice bogging/revving at take off.
    Its a very reliable ski. 96 hours on mine and absolutely no problems.

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