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    Thumbs down 2001 Sea Doo LRV.... Propulsion issue???

    I bought a 2001 LRV and the ski is in mint shape. I thought that it should pop out of the water fairly quickly. I knew that it wouldn't be like a 2 seater or anything but also remember a Sea Doo boat being powered by the same 951 engine.

    What should my expectations be? With 2 guys on it, it took a while to get up on step and it seemed that it wasn't "catching" upon acceleration. I am thinking that the impeller might not be the right one or maybe even worn. The ski has 55 hours on it. The engine almost sounds like it is cavatating if you give it full throttle from a dead stop.

    Can anyone shed some light if this is what I should expect or should I be looking for a different impeller (one that would propel the sea doo boat with the same engine)????

    Thanks in advance!

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    Things to check.

    Impeller and wear ring.
    Rave Valves Inspect and clean
    Buy yourself a service manual

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