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    Ultra-130 DI Throttle Hesitation

    I have an ULTRA-130 DI w/ 58 hours on it. Recently my buddy was riding the ski back to the dock when it suddenly quit. Started right back up, but with an oil alarm. That should be no problem, as there is a 1L oil reserve once the alarm comes on. Went home and added 4L of premium 2-stroke.

    The problem is that ski seems to be stuck in limp mode. When you hit the throttle, it just wants to die out instead of accelerating.

    Initially I thought it could be bad compression. So I pulled plugs and checked compression.... dead even at 120 accross (my guage reads low). So compression is fine. All plugs had the usual oil fouling all over them, so I know the injectors are firing.

    Bad plug maybe? I only have 2 hours on this new set of platinums though. See thread about "Buy stock in NGK." I've been trying alternatives to the $30/ea stock iridium plugs.

    TIA for any advice.

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    Figured it out?

    I would imagine since August you already figured out the problem, but I'll add my 2 cents anyway.

    My Ultra does that too when I'm low on oil. That happens after a long day of consistant riding at WOT -- riding a chain of lakes is great!

    It goes into limp home mode, and I can sometimes fake out the low oil sensor by rocking the boat side to side a few times while it's off. The usually when I restart it, I can at least get back to the dock and fill it up.

    Maybe yours is just hung in that limp home mode?

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