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    Cool New in Tenn

    I just picked up a 2006 sea doo GTI se and a 2000 yamaha GP760. They are a blast. I have a deep history with hot rods and muscle cars. Now I am mad. After reading these post I now know that I can start the never ending process of "Going Faster". Man I though when I sold off my last camaro I would be able to get some sleep (not staying up all night on the computer trying to find that one last speed part).
    Oh Ok here I go. What are the first mods I should do? Where can I get parts? and how do I explain to they wife why our account is thousand less then whats in the registry and it has nothing to do with my ski now amazingly reaching speeds off 100 MPH. Thanks

    PS anyone from souther middle TN.? (Tims Ford Lake area)

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    there are several of us from middle TN, there is a group that gets together and rides Old Hickory lake ( north east of Nashville ) on Wednesday afternoon`s,

    as far as speed you are not going to be able to do much with the ski`s you have, I would ride them just as they are if you are new to the sport enjoy them then in the spring sell them and upgrade to a left over 07 or a new 08 RXT or Kawasaki Ultra or the new Yamaha 200+ HP. The skis you have will run 50-55 MPH

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