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Thread: GTX Mirror Mod

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    GTX Mirror Mod

    Well I`m trying something here...
    removed the mirror and swivel plate, there is a lock-nut in the swivel plate, so had to get a metric nylok nut to take it`s place. Fabricated this from 1/4 plastic, Drilled hole before cutting pattern, got real close with fit using my MAC air saw, then shaped it with right angle whizzer with sanding disc and some finess, haven`t decided wether I`m going to paint it or mask the face with vinyl. 2 5/8 boost/vac gauge will be press fit into hole adhered to with silicone, same with mirror housing, I`m actually gonna try on of Kinch`s tricks> thru one of the mounting hole after the assy is put together, I`ll spray some expanding foam in the housing to take up some dead space and support the back of the gauge, I`m using soft foam, not the kind that will expand to much and force assy out. Now I`m just waiting for my gauge to arrive...PR...
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    looks good!

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    PR is the man! Post more pics when the guageis in! Great job!

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    PR .... That's quality craftsmanship. Instead of paint how 'bout a pic of MoonKitty next to the gauge?

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    he hasn`t got any
    i do,and lots of em

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    gtx are best with out no mirrores take them out fill the holes and paint ..
    it will be lighte..

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtxsc03
    PR .... That's quality craftsmanship. Instead of paint how 'bout a pic of MoonKitty next to the gauge?

    C`mon now, you want me to ride around with a sti_fy all day long ,
    talk about a distraction ...PR...

    hey Fosters, psst, pssst, (whisper) lemme have one of those pics, pal buddy friend o mine???

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    Here is a few more pics of the gauge mount in progress.
    After carefully figuring out a suitable route for the capilary tube, I driiled a small hole in the Mirror housing, then the mirror mount.
    In the mirror mount, there was a little support leg I trimmed to allow free movement of capilary tube. I enlarged the 2 holes to 1/4 in, then placed the 2 parts together and checked the passage with a wire, diameter same as tube. To simplifiy assembly, I glued together the mirror housing and the mount with clear silicone adhesive sealant, also masked off the joint between the 2 parts and siliconed with black to prevent water intrusion at this point. The gauge is also held in with clear silicone. More to come later:...PR...

    The hole/passage is just below the square loc nut in pic #2...
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    I like that !

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    I`m almost finished, the Gauge is in the housing, the hood has been re-assembled and back on the ski, and the capilary tube is run along the exsisting harness from hood, along the underside of the inner shell/compartment, and follows throttle cable towards manifold.
    Next will be hooking it up and firing up the ski...

    in pic 008, I had to get a metric locknut and washer to replace the lock nut in the mirror base and reversed direction of the bolt so the threads do not extend into the housing interfering with the gauge body. You can also see where I scuffed the housing for better adhesion of the epoxy and silicone.

    in pic 011, you can see the 1/16" shim pieces that were epoxied in, used to set depth of gauge panel.

    maybe next time, I`ll be a little more creative! ...PR...
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