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    my trim doesn't work

    Hi Everyone,
    I am new here and a new jet ski owner as of today. I have a 900zxi kawasaki the trim is not working on this and I am wondering why? The actuator is connected, the fuse is good and when you hit the trim button you can hear it click with each press. Is something wrong with the trim unit or possibly a relay if it has one?? Thanks to everyone that may be able to help me trouble shoot this.

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    Your trim unit sits at the front of the motor on the bottom right hand side of your ski. Most of the time, water seeps back through the cable and into the trim box. This will corrode every thing inside. I would take the top off of the unit and have a look see.

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    Okay, so it is narrowed down to the trim unit itself or the trim control. (I am assuming like a relay.) Obviously the trim control is cheaper than the unit so how do I tell if it is the control? I really can't find a part number on the trim unit and I am having a hard ime finding one on the net by doing random searches.

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    Maybe this will help.

    Look under controls.

    let us know what you find.

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