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    Where is it coming from HELP !!!! SOS

    Hi ya all...Well by now you know i filled up my RXP with water on the hose....Not running...So i tipped it upwards using a forklift at work...had the SC hose disconnected...then let it down and i have been cranking it over for days now and STILL mosture is coming from the cylinders and making the plugs so wet they will not spark..enough to fire the motor up...So please tell me where is all this mosture coming's like a mist...

    Is there more water somewhere else..maybe in another hose etc...

    Please Advise as i don't want to ruin the motor...any more then it is getting now with mosture inside it...

    HELP !!!

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    you may have moisture in/at the bottom of the intake mainifold.....maybe? $.02

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