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    new to forum....94 SL 750 bogging down?

    I'm fairly new to the PWC world. I've had this 750 for one year and it's run pretty good so far. This past weekend I noticed that she started to bog down after half a days running. I was able to get it up to full speed/power, but then I could hear it "missing" and eventually dropping power. Refering to my motorcycles, I thought maybe i just needed to change out the spark plugs. The local auto store only had an equivalent to the bpr8es plugs....not the real thing. I've installed these, and again, I can reach full power, but after a while, I'm bogging down again. Any thoughts? Should I try a different plug? In the year I've owned it, I haven't worked on the engine beyond winerizing it last fall.


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    I'd pull the carbs and go thru and clean them,Have you done the triple outlet fuel pump upgrade? Will it run find for the first hour or so and then act up.Or just after running wide open for awhile?

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    I'll clean the carbs out first. I haven't done any fuel pump ugrades yet. What all does that intail? As far as performance, yesterday it started out bogging down a bit, but eventually opened up. After running for 1/2 hour it began to bog down again. At the end of the day, I couldn't get it to open up completely.

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    Triple outlet fuel pump

    I'm not crazy about that blue fuel line, so look around and you might find the pump by itself for about 20 bucks cheaper. I think I got mine on ebay, can't remember. Then use reinforced fuel hose available at nearly any hardware or automotive store.

    I used this pic to help me get mine set up. Saw it on here and saved it, but can't remember who to give credit to.

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