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Thread: Tabs..????

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    Question Tabs..????

    Hey Guys....

    Question about trim tabs here..

    I have available to me...

    Stock 02 metal tabs...??
    Stock 05 plastic tabs..??
    Riva extended tabs..??

    My 02 will be going up for sale soon..!!

    All i'm really wondering is should i keep the 02 metal ones..
    And stick the 05 plastic ones on the 02 at sale time..??

    I'll keep the riva ones and either use em, or ebay em..!!!

    Basically whats my best option..???


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    I say,

    Swap the 2005 tabs on the 2002.

    Sell both the sets of metal tabs on ebay.

    Buy a set of FLAT R&D extended metal tabs and cut them off to stock tab length. Round off the front of the tabs so water won't catch.

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