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    Question Solas nose cone help - please

    I was out on the water yesterday and noticed that 2 times out of 3 that when I exceeded 7800 rpms I felt a light vibration under my feet. It felt like something was in my pump or the pump shaft bearing was going out. Needless to say I limped in for a half hour (never exceeding 3500 RPM's) to be safe. Well that was yesterday, today I started taking apart my ski thinking the worst. I started with my pump, when I pulled it off the aluminum nose cone was gone. I found it way up on the pump shaft and I can get a grip on it, I have used a hanger, extra long needlenose pliers and even a hard piece of long thin plastic. I tink I found my vibration issue but now I can't get the cone out.

    Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone out there? I haven't started cussing yet but I'm getting really close.

    Thanks for any input.
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    Ok I finally got it out using two hangers bent at the end, the problem was that the internal O-ring was making it very difficult to pull out. I ended up snapping at my girlfriend and will probably have to take her out to dinner later on to make up. Why do they always come out right after you mash you finger or something?

    Oh well - hope this post helps someone out there in the future.

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    I've always used the stock rubber cone and never had a problem, heard of quite a few that had probs w/ the aluminum cone.

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    leave the nose cone off it will be about 1/2 mph faster.

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    Not sure about the extra speed but I never put them on.

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